5 - 8 DECEMBER 2023

Executives need to focus more on learning and development to future-proof their organization. So save the date and join us virtually for the ATD 2022 Japan Summit, December 6-9, as learning and development leaders from around the world come together and present insightful learning sessions about:

  • Future requirements for successful T&D
  • Best practices of cutting-edge organizations
  • Next generation learning technology
  • Practical techniques to bridge employees’ human needs with digital technology

Why Should I Attend?

We are bringing together 4 days of live sessions to learn from expert speakers and international thought leaders exploring topics such as future requirements for successful T&D, best practices of cutting-edge organizations, next-generation learning technology, and practical techniques to bridge employees’ human needs with digital technologies.

Take an active role in translating training into strategy and techniques applicable to the virtual and in-person business landscape and future-proof talent development.

About ATD

The Association for Talent Development (ATD), the global leader in talent development for more than 80 years, services 120 countries with education programs, certification, content, and events. Our vision is simple: to create a world that works better. Learn more about how ATD helps the global community of talent development professionals achieve their full potential.

About ATD Japan Member Network

ATD Member Network Japan supports ATD members and non-members to build knowledge, share solutions, ideas, best practices, and to network locally in Japan.